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By Jon
Harlan ky
Sweet wedges
September 11, 2015
Just as good as high dollar wedges
By douglas
chesterfield, va
Great Value
June 5, 2015
Just a little too light for me so I went back to my Clevelands
By Dylan
Oxford, MS
True to description
May 21, 2015
Hit the ball better from any lie.
ProsThe forward club face helps me get under the ball. My 100yd and In game has improved. shaved strokes off my score the first round i played
By Don Velo
Bella Vista Ar.
great cubs for the price.
May 16, 2015
 Clubs set up good and are very predictable on distance. Heavy enough to cut through the rough and sand well love them.
By David
Ann Arbor, MI
May 7, 2015
Holy crap! I have played all kinds of wedges over the years, Nike, Titlelist, Cleveland, etc... these wedges are the real deal. I bought the wedge set on a whim, figured $79.00 for a set I'll give them a shot. I am blown away by these wedges, touch, distance, high soft landing ball flight. And if your capable of spinning the ball you can definitely put some funk on it. No more bouncing off the turf when chipping. I can't find anything wrong with these wedges. I like them so much I'm ordering the 64 degree too!
By Dave S
Feasterville, Pa
Solus Tour 720 CS 3-wedge set
April 29, 2015
Always great service and price from Rock Bottom golf. I bought the 50/54/58 degree set. I was looking for a wedge that would perform from both hardpan and soggy conditions. The Solus wedge does well from both of those situations. Little chips from around the green are fun because now I have options. If you're looking for a wedge, buy the 3 wedge set.
ProsI was looking for a 3 wedge set in the 50/54/58 degree set up. I like the grips, and the weight of the clubs. The sole is a little different, but that make practice fun.
ConsStruggled big time out of the sand with these clubs. I didn't get a chance to practice bunker shots before going away on a golf trip. Sand was never a problem for me before. Opening the face like I would normally do, did not work. Club would bounce off the sand and into the ball. This is not the clubs fault, I need to adjust to how the sole works going through the sand. Doing 2 out of 3 things better than my old wedges out of the box, I'll take it every time!
By Ted Swetz Jr.
Kansas City, Mo
Terrific performance wedges at a Great Price.
April 29, 2015
I'm a 6 handicapper who at the age of 62 must relay on my short game to score well - these wedges have a great feel and playability. I'm at my creative best with them in my bag.
ProsThey play like the most expensive brands at a fraction of the cost. I have absolute feel with every shot.
ConsNone as far as I'm concerned.
By Roger
April 21, 2015
Had read the reviews and was hesitant, but for $75 why not. I took them out of the box and played a round. All I can say is amazing. Both the 54 and 58 degree wedge had the ball flying. I did not get a lot of spin but it is early in WI for good greens. They clubs played as good as any other wedge I have played. I was a Calloway person with wedges, but trust me these play just as good. The shafts are also good but will change the grips this weekend. Enjoy these wedges.
ProsDistance, control and playability
By Brian
United States
April 15, 2015
For the price..can't complain. Clubs have decent balance and feel good when striking the ball. Haven't played much with them but grip are a little firm for me and not very "grippy"
ConsGrips aren't good for feel around green
By Ed G.
Hixson, TN
Love these wedges
April 14, 2015
Great value, These wedges at great around the greens. All golfers need a set of these wedges. Would purchase them again
ProsGreat feel and spin around the greens
By Tim Smith
solus golf 720 wedge
April 14, 2015
Well balanced ball feels great coming off the wedge. Would recommend these wedges for anybody. Great price too won't beark the bank
By Jess
Atlanta, Georgia
Solus Golf Tour 720 CS 3-Wedge set
April 13, 2015
I've only had the chance to play with these clubs twice but so far I have been very happy with the purchase. The wedges have good weight to them and good factory grips.
By Mike
Syracuse, NY
Great Value
April 12, 2015
nice wedges, good balance and feel for an "off" brand. Can't beat the price for the set!
By Glen
Salt Lake City, Utah
Great Clubs!!
April 11, 2015
Got these clubs and put them to use right away. Never hit a sand trap so I tossed a ball in to try them, awesome feel and performance. Buy the set you will not be disappointed by the play or the price.
ConsI had to pay for shipping since the deal was so good, still better than buying them local or separately.
By Bruce
Naples, FL
As Promised
April 9, 2015
This was a transaction as all should be - the communications from your company were timely and easily understood, the clubs came on the promised day (3 days after order), The packaging protected the clubs and was in excellent shape. The clubs themselves look exactly like your pictures, they are well balanced and feel good in my hands. So far I've only used them once but they performed well. I'm pleased with the quality of the product.
ProsPrompt on time delivery and reasonable price
By Trip
Vancouver, Canada
Decent clubs
April 5, 2015
Liked these clubs and they play very well. Would prefer if they had a lower "pendulum" feel when i swing.
ProsGood spin, Good Price, good contact, Nice look
By G donahue
Just what I needed.
January 22, 2015
I wanted some wedges, other then the norm package 52 56 60.I wanted a 50 and a 58 at a good price.And I did with a 54 thrown in.
ProsI have that 100 yard shot in my bag.
By Mbooom
San Bernardino County California
Solus Wins Again
January 17, 2015
Coming towards the end of the year, I told my wife I would probably be purchasing a new set of wedges based on me totally wearing out my old set of Solus wedges. I thought the company had gone under and the creator of the Solus design had moved on and started his own company under another name. I was stroked when by chance I saw the Solus 720 on sale. For those of you that haven't tried Solus wedges, You don't know what your missing. They bite, spin and stop like no other. These wedges are simply great in all playing conditions. I'm not knocking the big brands, I'm just saying, Solus wedges perform as well if not better for me than the big box brands and at half the price.
ProsAll around performance when and where you need it
By budward
December 4, 2014
Like having the options of three wedges. and can't beat the price.
By Jim
Norwalk, CT
Great clubs
November 18, 2014
Got these clubs and went to the course, love them. They feel good and perform well too. Can't beat the price
ProsFeel, Price
By Steve
Seminole, FL
Great set
November 18, 2014
All 3 of these wedges play great. My short game has improved from good to very good.
ProsAvailable in 50 and 54 degree and not just the usual 52 and 56 degree.
By Doug
Sarnia, Ontario
Good wedges
October 27, 2014
Have waited a few weeks to use these several times before reviewing. I had one Solus Wedge before and liked it on tight lies so decided to get a full set of them. Great on tight lies but do take some adjustment to get used to for short pitches and chips. Still trying to home in my distances but expect to have really good feel for them. Where you need bounce you really have to remember to open them up and that changes distances. Just takes time to learn any wedges!
ProsGreat on tight lies.
ConsDistances vary depending on how much you open the face to get bounce. steep learning curve!
By Ned
October 26, 2014
Just what I was looking for. Great feel, easy to play with.
ProsIf you like to open your wedges and play, it is easy.
By Chad
St. Charles,MI
Great wedges& great price
October 25, 2014
These wedges are just as good as my previous callaway and Cleveland wedges. Great feel and spin. The only downside is the thin sole will dig if you have wet fairway.
By Jordan
Portland, Oregon
October 22, 2014
Consistent distance, easy to hit
By Andy
York, PA
Great set of wedges !!!
October 6, 2014
So far so good. Started out with the 64 degree wedge before buying this set of 3 wedges. Loving the feel and trajectory of the 50 degree gap wedge.
ProsGreat feel
By Mel
Lancaster, CA
Great Little Wedges
September 27, 2014
Bought the 50, 54, and 60 set. Already had the 60, but the 3 pack price was too good to pass up. After getting used to the yardages of each club they have been a great addition to the bag. All are a little shorter than I expected, but that's not a problem now that I have figured it out. .
Warren, Oh
Need to work at it
September 23, 2014
I've only been to the range and course one time so far. They are a little different than what I replaced. It's going to take some practice and a few more trips to really see how these clubs work out for me.
Prosgood weight
By Jorge
Seekonk, MA
Great Wedge - Excellent Price, but swingweight is light
September 18, 2014
These are really some great wedges. The sole and head design are great. However, they do feel very light. I replaced the shafts with Dynamic Gold S400's and a small tip weight to get them to D4 and now they feel awesome.
ProsGreat Wedge - Awesome Price
ConsStock shafts are too flexible and WAY to light. However, at this price you can afford to re-shaft them and still be cheaper than buying one Vokey.
By Wesley
Charlotte, NC
Good loft choices, not the best feel when hitting
September 17, 2014
I bought these wedges because it was the only cheap set I could find in 50/54/60. I like the looks of them, but when hitting them it kind of feels like every hit was not in the sweet spot. I've only played one round with them so hopefully that will improve.
ProsLoft choices price style
Conssweet spot is hard to find
By Mark
Centerburg, OH
nice wedges
September 15, 2014
perfect addition to my bag. The lofts are just what I wanted. Great feel and control on full shots as well as around the green. Ball has just enough spin to get close yet roll out on chip shots. Very happy so far. Have played four round with them and play a proV1.
Prosright lofts, feel, performance, price
By Delcy Merritt
Sterlington, Louisiana
Great Work RockBottom Golf
September 10, 2014
Ordered the clubs at 75% off, Order was exactly what I ask for and delivered exactly when projected. The three wedge set looked great right out of the box. First trip to the practice green the wedges performed well. Had to pay more attention to contact point to avoid mishits but when i hit correctly the ball went exactly where I was wanting it to go. Even had one chip in from 20 yards. Rollout was consistent and can be controlled by degree of wedge used. I am well pleased with my purchase and the quality of the Solus wedges even though I had never heard of the brand name.
Prosexcellent price for the wedge set,
By Eric
United States
Very great value!!
September 9, 2014
The set was a great value at 50% off, and provides great feel and spin. Easy to stick close with clean contact!!
ProsGreat feel Excellent spin from the face Awesome value
By Jeremy
Rock Hill, SC
September 6, 2014
3 wedges for $70 and they are as good if not better than my old Cleveland and taylormade wedges.
ProsPrice Quality
By Kevin
Fort Worth, TX
Excellent Wedges
August 28, 2014
I love the look, feel, and performances of these wedges. The price poing RBG offeres these at are truly a steal.
ProsLooks Feel Performance Price
By David
Lees Summit, MO
Nice, heavy, tour type wedges
August 16, 2014
Attractive, large face wedges, slightly heavier than most tour design models
ProsSolid feel with ease of a heavier than normal sand blaster.
ConsWeight may be an issue for some players
By Tim
Kentwood, MI
Great Wedges, Great Price
August 16, 2014
I recently purchased the Solus 720cs wedge set and I absolutely love them. They feel great and give a ton of flexibility to play any shot I need to. I picked them up for a song and cant help but feel like I stole them for the price I paid!
By Jeff
Altoona, pa
Great set for price
August 15, 2014
Decreased my distance to pin immediately on short pitches. Good quality and great price.
By Wilber
Jackson, MS
Nice upgrade!
August 11, 2014
Even though I only play once every week or two, I wanted to upgrade from my stock PW and SW to improve my short game, but I didn't want to spend a ton on a set of wedges. With the great price and good reviews on these clubs, I knew I'd found what I was looking for. After a couple of days practicing with these wedges, the feel is great, and they are easy to control. Hitting shots with lots of spin is no problem. The clubs seem to be very solid, and I know my short game will be much improved once I start using these on the course.
By Craig
Pocatello, ID
As I am learning to play, this has been great set for two reasons.
August 9, 2014
I am new to the game and my short game sees some balls flop short of the green and others sky right over it. The best part of this 'value' wedge set is I have no problem going to the practice area at the public course and hitting 18 balls at a time with each club to get the feel of them. I understand wedge sets wear out as the grooves lose their bite but with a discount set such as this I can put the practice time in I desperately need without fear of prematurely wearing out an expensive set. Love em.
By Chris Antonelli
New York
Excellent wedges
August 5, 2014
These wedges have been great. Great feel on pure strike. Good distance and direction on slight mishits. Recommended.
Pros Good feel. Good distance.
Cons Slightly clunky sound on slight mishits.
By Jim
Nice Wedges
August 2, 2014
The offering for these wedges are the very common 52/56/60 ..... A little variety on the degree choice would be sweet , but for the $$$, I can't really complain....The wedges are on the light side , but are ample for the short game ......They seem very accurate and you can hit very consistant shots with these wedges.....I'm also getting good spin on the ball and sticking the ball on the green very easily with them .....All and all , a pretty darn sweet deal , on some nice wedges .....
By Charles Noe
Lexington, NC
Hooray for Solus!
August 2, 2014
As good as any wedges I ever played - my last set were expensive Titleists!
ProsPlay terrific - look expensive!
By Jon Sturm
Great Wedge!
July 29, 2014
Good control and feel for a better player. Creates good spin and nice look from address.
ProsLook and feel on good shots.
ConsFor an advanced player.
By Tom Newhall
Lynn, Massachusetts
Solus wedges
July 29, 2014
great buy and quality clubs. They went right into my bag upon arrival.
By Charles
New Zealand
Very nice
July 23, 2014
Great price and great clubs. Hit some nice shots already. Well done Rock people.
ProsNice feel.
By brian martinez
phx, az
solus wedges
July 22, 2014
First few rounds with wedges an they only got better with each shot!! ! All wedges react great with ball flight you want to do with them high an soft, low spinners, and chip an runs! Wasn't expecting the results these wedges produced for the price! They are still very soft heads for being cast clubs.
ProsPrice price price!!! $$
By Nathan
Delaware , Ohio
Great wedges!!!
July 19, 2014
Love the 3 wedge set. Must buy.
By John
Tallmadge, OH
Decent Wedge Set at a Reasonable Price
July 15, 2014
I got the 3 wedge set for a great deal given the quality of these wedges. The wedges are particularly good on tighter lies. They are easy to get up in the air and produce decent spin. Don't be discouraged by the unfamiliar brand name name, these are quality wedges.
By Austin
Nashville, TN
Amazing Wedges
July 12, 2014
I have these wedges for about 2-3 weeks, I am very impressed of the quality of these wedges especially for the peoce I paid. The wedges are very accurate and has a good check up on the ball once it lands on the green. I was using a cobra 58 degree wedge, but these wedges are actually designed by a guy that created the Titleist Vokey Design 2009 Wedges. The man that designed this club is an absolute genius of where he shifted the weight into this wedge. Its alot easier for me to hit pin point flop shots and create a good backspin on my approach shots. These clubs will take you alittle bit of time to get your distance shots down pack. But weeks after the practice and time put into my golf game I will say that I have saved an average of 5 to 7 strokes off of my game easily. I was shooting an average of 90 to 92 a round. Last few rounds of golf that I have played, I have shot under an 85 every time. This is a amazing product, please do not let the name brand fool you...this club is used by quite of PGA professionals after I conducted my research on this product
By Dan
Kelowna, BC
Unbelievably smooth
July 9, 2014
Playing the first round playing with the Solus Tour 720CS wedges knocked at least 5 strokes off my game. Hitting out of the sand, rough or short shots......they felt smooth with excellent playability. I've put my Titliest and Cleveland wedges in the garage! A great find!
ProsSilky smooth on all shots Attractive finish Professional grade wedges
By Gary Sharman
Brisbane, Australia
An upgrade from the 4.1's
June 12, 2014
Have been playing the 4.1's (51,56,61) for about 8 years and the switch to the 720's went without a hitch. A slight difference with full wedges, but around the greens & bunkers a real joy!
By Ken
Pittsburgh, PA
Great Set for the Money
April 29, 2014
I have had several of the Solus wedges as well as Titleist, Mizuno and Cleveland, and I keep going back to Solus. They have a great feel, and look good when you stand over them
ProsGood distance control, soft touch and you don't have to break the bank to own them!
By Danny B from Chicago
Chicago & Arizona
Solus Tour 720CS 3 Wedge set
April 16, 2014
Great feel & more spin on ball than my Cleveland wedges I have!
ProsGreat price for high quality wedge set!
By George
North Andover, MA
Excellent Value
March 20, 2014
Traded my Vokey for these. Easy to hit and true
By John
Sault Ste Marie, ON
Preliminary review
October 14, 2013
After 27 holes with these Solus wedges have been great from sand and rough. Some adjustments for fairway play is needed for distance control. I will post an updated review after more play.
Apollo beach,FL
they will always be in my bag
August 4, 2013
easy to hit great feel and distance is right on great wedges
Prosbest wedges i ever hit better than my old clevelands
By Brian
Easy To Hit!
July 1, 2013
Just what I needed in a wedge! Easy to get up in the air and great distance control!
ProsSuper easy to hit Good distance control
By Andrew
Amazing feel
May 20, 2013
These wedges have a great feel.

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